Triumfall was formed in 2006 after which gospels of chaotic supremacy were enthroned through Promo (2007). This path to utter darkness led to pact with Forces of Satan Records/Regain Records.

First Ritual entitled Antithesis of All Flesh raptured the walls of universal order and spread the plague of Triumfall's primal ideas.

In years which followed the new devoted order was established. This made the Black Flame burn higher, devouring the cosmic lights and unlocking the gates towards the Absolute.

A 2011 single Deaths are His Monument announced that the altar is prepared for a new opening of the void toward the beyond the carnal.

When the incenses and candles of the Second Ritual are to be lid is not a question to be asked, but what horrors shall it bring...

Servants of the Devil are Atterigner (vocals), Vorzloth (guitars), and Inomatanas (bass).


Demise of Being
EP, 2013, Art of Propaganda Records, 10"
(Split w/ Insane Vesper, lim. 333)


    Side A: Insane Vesper
  1. Enlightened by Blood
  2. Golden Rays of Unification
    Side B: Triumfall
  1. Iconography of Horns
  2. The World Eater
Deaths are His Monument
Single, 2011, Self-release, CD
(lim. 50 - sent to labels and 'zines only)


  1. Deaths are His Monument
  2. Black Devotion Manifest
Antithesis of All Flesh
Full-length, 2009, Forces of Satan Records/Regain Records, CD


  1. Atrium Mortis
  2. One With the Darkside
  3. Allegiance to Thy Fall
  4. Omega Overcasts the
  5. Rise of Pantheon
  6. Skies are the Chains
  7. Within Their Midnight
  8. The Final Purification
Promo (2007)
Demo, 2007, Self-release, CD
(lim. 50 - sent to labels and 'zines only)


  1. Rise of Pantheon
  2. Allegiance to Thy Triumfall
  3. Skies are the Chains of


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Band Contact
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December 09, 2014
In process of recording a new material

After a long, silent period, Triumfall is back with a very new weapons.
Yesterday another part of recording was finished, and soon there will be an official announcement of our new material. With great honor we will represent you hymns created for the glory of The Eldest Ones, packed as special limited edition.

More info will follow soon!

May 14, 2014
Front cover for the upcoming 4-way split revealed


Front cover, done by Khaos Diktator Design, for the upcoming split with The Last Knell, Frostmoon Eclipse, and Nadiwrath is now revealed.
Detailed info regarding this release will be presented soon.

Jan 14, 2014
Latest ritual candles are burnt


Candles of latest ritual have now been burnt. Magical offering of artistic vision of the divine, yet horrifying realms has been laid upon the Altar...
For the Temple is building up and there is more work to be done in His name!

Dec 16, 2013
Triumfall's side of split w/ Insane Vesper stream available

Nov 20, 2013
Demise of Being relase date confirmed

It has been confirmed!
Triumfall's upcoming split with Insane Vesper entitled Demise of Being will be released worldwide by Art of Propaganda Records on December 9th as 10" EP, limited to 333 copies.
Tracklist is as follows:

Side A: Insane Vesper

  • Enlightened by Blood
  • Golden Rays of Unification Shine

Side B: Triumfall

  • Iconography of Horns
  • The World Eater

Sep 13, 2013
Line-up change

Guitarist V, who was a member from 2012 'till 2013, played on split Demise of Being and on live ritual on Darkness Rising Festival, is not part of Triumfall's chaotic formation anymore.
Lord Gryma (drums) is now a full time member of Triumfall, while Inimicvs will take place as a live guitarist.
This lineup is currently working on new manifestations of black magickal experiences which will be recorded in winter.
Behold the poisonous spill of Taninsam!

Sep 11, 2013
Title and cover of split w/ Insane Vesper revealed

Kingdom of Men, in trembling, Lo and Behold! Upcoming split with Insane Vesper will be entitled Demise of Being. Under the Light All-Consuming Halo of No Return, visuals for the 10” split were done by Khaos Diktator Design.

The day of release is TBA.


Sep 09, 2013
Interview with Triumfall for Metal North-East


Direct link: Interview with TRIUMFALL

Jul 30, 2013
Second track from split w/ Insane Vesper revealed

Apr 04, 2013
Darkness Rising Festival Band Timeline

On the May 30th, with the last breath of the daylight, Triumfall will hit the stage of the first Darkness Rising Festival. Bands that will perform the same day are: Zloslut, Sargeist, Enthroned, Inferno, Somrak, Silva Nigra, Emptiness and Ater Era.

Full timeline can be found at:

Mar 15, 2013
Interview with Triumfall in upcoming number of Helvete Magazine


Jan 7, 2013
Upcoming Split to be relased by Art of Propaganda

It's officially confirmed. Upcoming Triumfall split with French band Insane Vesper will be released on vinyl by German label Art of Propaganda. More information is to come.

Dec 17, 2012
Triumfall confirmed for Darkness Rising Festival


Triumfall is proud to announce that will take it's part in this live desecration ritual. Appearance on Darkness Rising Festival is the only planned live show on Serbian soil in 2013.

Information regarding festival and tickets available at:

Sep 12, 2012
Triumfall/Insane Vesper Split

Triumfall has succefully finished the recordings of the new material for the upcoming split release with french Black Metal formation Insane Vesper. These two completelly new tracks were tracked and currently are in the process of mixing under the supervision of Sonic Incision Productions, Serbia.

The forthcoming material was completed in the new line up formula that follows:

  • Atterigner (vocals)
  • Vorzloth (guitars)
  • V (guitars/vocals)
  • Inomatanas (bass)
  • Manijak (session drums)